Monday , 24 November 2014

Newest Sensations

I Discovered Awkwafina, Damn I Need to Drink More


I took a bit of time off from drinking, which is also the reason why I haven’t written nearly as much in the last year. I decided to put all my vices to the side, that’s alcohol and tobacco. Tonight though I broke out a few beers and decided to Youtube and find out what I have been missing. For ... Read More »

Literally Needs to Figuratively Die

Stupid smarties

To those reading this article, I think we’re long overdue for a little talk.  If you say things like, “I visited my grandmother and she literally covered me with kisses” or “That cake was so delicious I literally wanted to eat the whole thing” or “I went to a sex show and the donkey literally had the longest dong I’ve ... Read More »

Merry Christmas 2013, I Got Presents!

A Christmas Tree

Have you been naughty of nice this year? I personally have been floating in the middle. It’s now Christmas Day here in my home where the children are all smiles and I finally took a break just to get all Christmassy on the site, Youtube, and G+. Not sure what has gotten into me, but let’s do this! Everyone, I ... Read More »

A Quick Break and a Couple New Ideas

I Hate Adam Mulholland

I took a few weeks off to knock out some graphic design projects I had put aside to focus on this website. So it’s been 2 months now on Concerta, for my ADHD issues and it’s working. I can focus like never before, but I feel like it’s taken a part of me which I kind of like…my randomness. All ... Read More »